Covid-19, What Does this Beast Look Like?

March 18, 2020 was my first work-from-home day as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and New York State regulations. While my library colleagues check in via email and social media, I am reminded of our strength and intention to maintain community. We’re all in this together.

Personal intention is to stay creative and keep connected while I work away from the community of people I usually see everyday. Engaging with social media networks has helped me see how we are responding with light and hope for this unprecedented global experience. We are creating virtual classes and updating the website. There is also a regional calendar to aggregate all events.

Community Canvas

Local businesses are being forced to close, but they are being very creative and community minded. We are learning to roll with the punches and create opportunity for our beloved community. Stepping up to the plate is how we play this game.

Restaurants provide FREE lunches for kids in need.

For many of us, there is the conflicting need to step up our game equivalent to the desire to retreat into hibernation. News reports will make us mad with fear. While pause and self-care are highly advised, we have a duty for stewardship. Our library is working hard to develop virtual options while we hunker down in our respective “Social Distancing” quarters. Set your sites on a new season. We will have a FREE yoga session with Crystal Heart Yoga at 10am on March 20, 2020 to welcome the Spring Equinox.

In an attempt to chronicle these days in my journal, but also in this blog, I offered a Draw in Response on my Instagram page. The poem Longing is provided by my dear friend, Jen Sekella.

As I develop plans for my ideas, a schedule will become consistent. Until my brain knows how to make that possible, I respect this time for our globe to pause. When life has felt too hectic, I have asked for a Pause Button, but thought it was completely impossible. Now I see how Impossible is Reality. Please share your thoughts, events, ideas, and images as we learn to build a strong community online. Until the library and our maker-space re-opens to the public, I’ll be sharing projects from my home studio and connect you with regional artists offering various techniques to test in your own time.

Stay Tuned, Stay Healthy, Be Well.

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