Summer has past and warm weather is “sunsetting” in our region. The winds of change are upon us as the leaves shift colors and our gardens wither to the ground. This transitional time of year proves to be fast-paced and hectic, so I want to share a few fun things to save time, money, and energy. Libby is an amazing App run by Overdrive that offers tons of digital content. If you already borrow digital materials from the library, you likely use Overdrive to navigate to your magazines, audiobooks, and ebooks. If you are an Overdrive user– prepare now, because as of 2022, the Overdrive App is sunsetting and attempts to use it will be redirected to the Libby App.

Libby by OverDrive - Memphis Public Libraries
Download Libby

Give me a chance to introduce this little lady if you have not yet met. I lovingly call Libby my best friend who can travel with me on many devices and knows just where I left off in a digital magazine, book, or audiobook. Extremely time efficient friends are extra helpful in this hustle and bustle world. This one-tap app will have you reading or listening in just a few short clicks. Check out this tutorial video to get started.

Getting Started with Libby

We understand that getting acquainted with new apps and technology can be tricky, that’s why we offer Tech Coaching options with our patrons. If you hit a snag in using this app or any technology for that matter, call the Reference desk at the Southeast Steuben County Library for some help. Our Tech Coaches are skilled to guide you through many technical glitches. All you have to do is ask.

Once you become acquainted with Libby, you might be interested in discovering more digital catalogs that Southeast Steuben County Library provides 24 hours, 7 days per week. Hoopla Digital is offered only to our card holders and opens another avenue to digital content, like movies, television shows, music, and more. Unlike visiting the library and borrowing physical items, you can peruse these catalogs at your leisure and borrow items you want with no wait time. All items are downloaded or streamed directly to your device. You just need to create an account with Hoopla Digital using an email address and password. Then, enter your library card number and PIN to get registered. Follow this video tutorial to begin.

Hoopla for the Web

You can use Hoopla on a computer browser, but there are some limitations to downloading content onto a computer. I have found Hoopla works best on mobile devices and tablets, but there are also Roku and Alexa options I have yet to explore! Check out the Hoopla Digital video library to find the device you have or just call us at the library for assistance.

There are nuances to each of these digital catalogs, so be aware of borrow limits and make the best use of your digital options each month. Keep in mind how these services can save you money and time. Hoopla has saved me lots of money and shipping delays on required reading materials for classes. Before I purchase a book, movie, or music, I first check the Libby or Hoopla catalogs offered through Southeast Steuben County Library. Most times I am happily surprised to find just what I need and have instant access to the content. Hoopla also offered multiple checkouts on titles. This is excellent for book clubs and classes, where many copies of a book are needed at once. Give these digital catalogs a try. Drop a comment below to tell us know what you think.

Cyanotype Diptych

Our readers might recall from our last post, Summer to September, that we hosted this fantastic Cyanotype workshop with artist, Megan Walsh for Maker Monday in August. Sunlight is a necessary ingredient for developing this type of artistic photography, but we lacked the necessary UV index on the day of class to create a quality print. The diptych above is a good example of what can be achieved when processing a Cyanotype. Considering the weather forecast for this coming weekend (Hello, October!!!), it will be a great time to pick up a Take and Make kit from the Creation Station and learn more about this fun craft on your own. Ensure the UV index for the time of exposure is at a rate of 5 or higher to achieve the best effect. Read the kit instructions closely and keep the prepared paper out of the sun until you are ready to expose your image. Have fun, get creative, and share your results.

That’s a wrap for this stationary moment. I’ll check you on the flip side!